JSEP(Japan Shoes Export Platform)



The Japan-EU relationship is about to open a new era under the recently agreed new trade deal.
The Japanese shoe industry is now given a good opportunity to go overseas for the first time in 150 years since the Japanese wore their first shoes at the end of the Edo period. To date, Japan’s shoe industry has mostly targeted only domestic markets. The JSEP (Japan Shoes Export Platform) has been formed for a new challenge of creating new markets through the exchange with overseas market participants.
The JSEP has chosen Paris to mark the first step, with the introduction of men’s leather shoes. Goodyear welted and other types of shoes from Japanese factories have very high quality and good taste, almost equivalent to Bespoke shoes made by young Japanese artisans that are highly appreciated in Europe.
We would be pleased to receive your candid opinions on this small exhibition and would like to ask for your kind support for the creation of a new era.

Shoji Kasai
Representative Director, JSEP (Japan Shoes Export Platform)
(Director, Japan Federation of Shoe-wholesalers' Organizations)